December 6, 2012

10 10 10 Giveaway from Milani

Hello Ladies <3

In November Milani was hosting a give-away for their 10 year anniversary on their FB page, which you should go like for future give-aways. 

I don't really ever have any good luck winning prices or give-aways, but I was really pump up when I saw this in my mail box. I just got it yesterday and decided to do a post today since I am going to start playing with a few items this weekend. I might do a few makeup looks with this package, let me know what you think of that idea...

The nail polishes are perfect for this holiday season, I would be doing NOTD on IG soon. If you don't already follow me on IG please do so, my name is BetzyGlam. The blushes are both super pretty and can't wait to see how they work. I have use their eyeliners before and they are amazing, I do have high hopes for the mascara. I am not a big fan of lipgloss so I might save it for a give-away or swap. As far as the eyeshadow goes I will be getting many uses out of it this holiday season!!  

*I won all of it from a Milani Giveaway on FaceBook. This blog is written and edited by me, and the opinions are not influenced in any way and are not compensated. Please read this post for more information.


  1. Oh amazing gifts!! Have fun trying them :)

  2. Great post! This is exciting! Still waiting to get mine. I won on the last day, so it probably shipped out later than yours, or had further to travel. :)

  3. Wow so many goodies :) Congrats on winning them!

  4. Nice! I've been winning giveaways but never as big as this loot! :)


  5. So lucky! The Shadow Eyez pencils are great xx

  6. Hello there Pretty! :)
    Btw, am having my first giveaway. :) You might win awesome COSMETIC ORGANIZERS! ^_^
    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    Here's the link:
    Looking forward for your participation :)
    Fallow my blog and I will SURELY follow your blog too :)
    Have a great day!

    Much Love!

  7. Congrats on winning! Milani always has really pretty looking blushes but I've never picked up any! Can't wait to know how they work for you!

  8. Congrats to you@ That's so much great stuff!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. Awesome! I also won one of these, though on Twitter. I think we got the same stuff!


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